Business File Sharing Milpitas

At Chimp Drive, business file sharing takes a different edge of security and is impressively simplified while operating from anywhere. We let you opt for a quick and easy access of business file sharing option within your co-workers.

Irrespective of the size and type of your business content in the file, when it comes to sharing, the only thing we assure our clients is complete security and control.

Simple, Secured & Fast

Gone are the days of sharing large format files and folders through mails. Now, with our secured file sharing network you can easily place your files and folders irrespective of its type and size by using customized links and password from any part under this Sun. Store instantly and share it in a jiffy!

Give you complete control over what you have stored

You can have high level of permission doors to secure your confidential content. Through our step by step level of secured granule permission levels such as- content uploading, data tracking and folder automation we offer you to protect the files and folders with ease.

Give a solid shape to your business by accelerating its growth with faster file sharing process, since this is the key to maintain professional collaboration.   Please feel free to talk to us to get expert suggestions.

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