Health Insurance Portability and Accountability is a standard which aims to safeguard sensitive patient related data. This standard HIPAA Compliance File Sharing  is applicable for patient data created, stored, shared, transmitted, received and maintained electronically.  File sharing is a standard practice followed by most enterprises in order to execute their professional work schedules in the Freemont area. Files carry sensitive personal information and must be shared using a much secured manner to safeguard it from phishing.

Chimp Drive is a safe platform for our clients to help them manage sensitive data. Chimp drives offers unique flexibility enabling transfers virtually from any place or device. We are among the most reliable File Transfer Platforms for highly secured data. We are fully compliant with all Government and International Regulations.

How do we keep the privacy?

The privacy of data is maintained with stout technological platforms which block unauthorized access from the network.

  • We incorporate top notch data encryption service that stores information in the cloud with SSL certification to give an added cushion of protection to the data
  • Superior control over the entire file sharing process which allows the user to decide who and when can join the private network to participate in the file sharing process
  • We offer a 448 blowfish encryption type technology to ensure greater level of data conversion to cipher text for enhanced data protection.

Our data storage cloud does not come with a limit beyond which you cannot store. This is our USP and distinguishes us from the rest of the companies offering HIPAA Compliance File Sharing. Our File storage allows you to get the original format in which the files were shared. Contact us to help you store and share data in the most secured and reliable manner.