Private file sharing Santa Clara

Private file sharing is one of the vital practices being adopted by most of the corporations across Santa Clara. In terms to enhance professional productivity and collaboration, official documents such as FTP, presentation and other important files require sharing within or across office members. Since those documents carry valuable information the sharing procedure must be done in a completely private way to protect unscrupulous activities.

With Chimp Drive we help our clients manage the entire process with complete security and uttermost privacy. We allow all Chimp Drivers transfer files (irrespective of its type and size) from any place and to any device.

How we keep the privacy?

We understand that official documents manoeuvre the concerned organization reach to the edge of success and any violation of its secrecy can hamper the growth of the organization. Hence, we consider every aspect of keeping secrecy very carefully in the cloud.

  • We provide top-grade data encryption service that store information in the cloud with SSL to make sure assured protection.
  • With our placid feature you can get superior control over the file sharing process and decide who and when they can join the private network to use your stored files.
  • We don’t determine or host your personal documents and let you to keep the files intact in the private cloud.
  • We offer 448 blowfish encryption technology to ensure higher level of data conversion to ciphertext. So no matter of the sizes you can opt for this service to

While we give you complete control over the files stored in the cloud, we also let you collect the files in original format (provided, the receiver knows the secured password) and give you no limitation in sharing it.

So, contact us today to keep sharing and invite people collecting the files with optimum privacy.

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