Secure file sharing San Jose

Secure file sharing system in San Jose- and the name says it all! This service helps transmit varieties of professional and non-professional documents like videos, lengthy document, large presentation etc. at ease and within secured mode. But irrespective of the type and size of data exchange every day, one needs to mull over the facts of-
• Maintaining the confidentiality of the transmitted information.
• Ensuring no third party can access in between the transmission process.
• Checking the reception of the intended recipients.
At ChimpDrive, we tick all the boxes to ensure our clients with a completely secured data sharing process. Since maintaining optimum confidentiality of info is our paramount of importance, we focus only to implement high-end encryption technology. We offer military grade, 448Bit Blowfish data encryption which will keep it secured in sharing process as well as when it is stored in cloud. Whether you are doing a business deal online or simply installing documents on web, we take every single file sharing activity seriously.
Get complete control over your shared information:
We do more than securing your data. We let you control the information through our state-of-the-art in-built systems. We not only allow to enjoy a fast and reliable sharing process with other Chimp Drivers just by a click, but also let them set a tracking record and send messages while sharing files with outsiders.
Give your corporate and personal communication procedure a solid crisp of security with our seamless file sharing system. Please contact us today to know more about this service.

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